A Different Take on "New Year, New Me"

A Different Take on "New Year, New Me"

2018 -- 

How are your resolutions going so far?  Every year I start out strong and then slowly sink back into the same old routine. I knew that I would have to find a way that would work for me. This lead me to pick five key words that I wanted to shape my 2018.

Confidence… Growth… Focus… Simplify…Preparation

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin

Preparation is an important factor in achieving one’s goals. Whatever steps you can take to simplify, will help you stay focused. And when you are focused on what’s important you experience growth, which leads to confidence.!

Utilizing this technique of being prepared will set my 2018 up for success.

Phase One: Operation Wardrobe

Go through and donate anything that no longer fits or makes you happy, and create a “uniform.” Many great minds use this technique to eliminate some of the many choices we are bombarded with on a daily basis. The fewer decisions you have to make the more focus you have on the necessary. As someone who struggles in the mornings I know how this has personally benefited me. This action has freed up more time for me to spend on things I enjoy --  like makeup and extra sleep!


I work in the beauty industry; therefore, I always want to look professional and stylish! My uniform consists of all black pieces that I can mix for a multitude of looks. The trick to success with a monochromatic look consists of two key elements -- accessorize and texture. Mixing fabrics brings visual interest while accessorizing takes the look to the next level. When you simplify your morning routine you set yourself up for a smooth transition into the day. I always feel more confident when I am not turning my room into a disaster zone trying to find what to wear!

What steps can you take to prepare yourself for success? Some examples could be meal prepping, packing a gym bag the night before, starting a new cleaning routine. (Let’s be real, all things I should currently be doing!)

I wish you the best of luck for your 2018!

All of the love,

Mary Rooks

Mary Rooks

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