There are two major outlooks on how we view growth: The Seekers and The Contented.

The Seekers
This group of people have a tendency towards big picture vision. I one hundred percent fall into this group, seeking constant growth. This can borderline unhealthy in the form of unmet, unrealistic expectations, which can lead to self-defeat. However, if we can funnel our efforts and maintain a clear vision of our goals. We can achieve far more success in reaching our dreams. A few ways to do this include:

  • Write Them Down: Set some short-term goals that support your long-term desires.
  • Practice Visualization: Take some time to meditate on your goals. If you really want to help yourself stay focused on your dreams picturing them like they have already happened can help remind you when distractions come around, and they will!
  • Focus on Good Opportunities: Speaking of distractions, not all opportunities are good opportunities. You have to decide if it is something that will benefit your future. Don’t waste energy and block what could be.
  • Practice Gratitude: The Seekers tend to be constantly looking forward to the future, but don’t forget to appreciate how far you have come. It's a journey!
  • Grounding: When you work hard to grow and become the best version of yourself, there’s likely times when that overwhelming feeling can set in. Not everyone will see your vision or support you. That’s ok! Do something to get out of your head and bring you back to living in this moment right now. You are in control of how you react! Go on a walk, blast your favorite music, get inspired!

One phrase that we hear often is “Dress for the job you want!” Look to the people who inspire - fake it until you make it sister! A part of growth is believing in yourself; dress in a way that brings you confidence! One of the things I love most about Sweet Sassafras Boutique is their desire to help other women, and the clothes in their shop are comfortable, trendy and a lot of them have pockets!

Whether you feel best in bold prints or going monochromatic from head to toe they have something that will suit your needs.

All the love,

Mary Rooks

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