Most people who shop online are busy people. We live in a world full of options and have spent a lot of time researching. I am personally overwhelmed with choices. If you’re a student, you well understand. Which school should you apply to? What major should you choose? Mothers, you are constantly faced with new decisions regarding your children. Life can become burdensome if we don’t take a step back from the world around us.

Confidence… Growth… Focus… Simplify…Preparation

All of my goals for 2018 reflect the need to take a step back from the rat race and simplify. This may look different for everyone. For myself, a huge area where I tend to overcomplicate and under deliver is Self- Care. As defined by Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre, "Self- Care is provided 'for you, by you.' It’s about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It is taking time to do some activities that nurture you. Self- Care is about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others."

This year, I will be simplifying my beauty routine, my schedule and spending more time committed to personal growth. I am devoting a night of Self-Care to myself every week. And here’s why you should do the same - peace of mind. Even if you just take an hour to do something that rejuvenates you. Whether that’s soaking in a warm bubble bath or getting lost in music, setting aside time for you is crucial. This will allow you to show the world the best version of you!

An ideal night of Simple Self-Care…at least for me

This takes place on a Sunday evening so I can start my week on a positive note. I like to have all of my cleaning done prior to this time and fresh sheets are always an added bonus.

  1. I love using a face mask and hair mask once a week. As someone who loves skincare, I would always come up with complicated skin care routines that I knew deep down I wouldn’t fully commit to. Now I have simplified it to something most people already have in their kitchen. Honey! There are so many beneficial properties of honey, it’s antibacterial, clears up dark spots, hydrates, and is also rich in antioxidants! I like to take a smooth makeup/paint brush to apply it to the skin and it feels so luxurious!
  2. Shower Time! The honey is so easy to remove when you go straight to the shower.
  3. Putting on some comfy clothes like some of the pieces below from Sweet Sassafras Boutique to finish up the night! I like to spend Sunday nights reading a devotional, cuddled up in bed sipping hot tea.

   All of the Love, Mary Rooks

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